Blue Up Testosterone Booster

Blue Up Testosterone Booster 

Popular T Booster – But Does It Really Deliver?

If you are suffering with low testosterone, you may well have thought about using a natural Testosterone booster to increase your levels and give your energy and sex drive that much need boost… Before you go off and purchase the first product you see with fancy claims, it’s imperative to do some background research.

With such a wide variety of different options available, it’s critical to do some careful evaluation.

Blue Up is a popular testosterone booster sold by Controlled LabsCL blue up test booster w. stim

Let’s look at some points to consider.

The Manufacturers Claims

Blue up is a product that aims to work on three different levels. First, it is going to increase your total concentration of testosterone in the body. Then, it also aims to go one step further and increase the total amount of free testosterone as well. Since free testosterone is really what helps you see the most effective progress, this part is important for results.

Blue up will ( according to the makers) help both bodybuilders seeking improved muscle mass, and men suffering the effects of low testosterone ( reduced sex drive, poor sleep quality and increased body fat)

Who This Product Is For 

So who is best suited for using this product? As it does contain caffeine, only those who can tolerate caffeine should use it.

Furthermore, since it’s designed as a fat burning/energy enhancement product as well, it’s best for men who are looking to lose weight along with testosterone enhancement.

If testosterone enhancement is all you’re after, this is not the product for you.

The Ingredients 

blue-up-nutrition-facts-300x222This product contains a few different ingredients placed into undisclosed proprietary complex blends.

The downside to this is that you don’t know precisely how much of each ingredient you are taking in.

Nevertheless, you are getting Tribulus Terrestris, Avena Sativa, Eurycoma Longifolia, Caffeine, and Yohimbe.

Together, these form the testosterone boosting and energizing blends.

The Downside 

So what is the downside to this product? First, as mentioned, you don’t know how much of each ingredient you are getting. Especially when it comes to caffeine, ideally you need to know precisely how much you are taking as many people are sensitive to this particular ingredient. If you take in too much, you may start to experience anxiety, jitteriness, or other issues that will make you thumbs_down_-_Google_Searchfeel unwell.

Second, this product is lacking in some other very important ingredients such as ZMA, Vitamin D, and D-aspartic Acid which are found in the best testosterone boosters.

These are clinically proven to help with testosterone enhancement, so without these in the formula, chances are you are not going to be disappointed with the results.

Our Recommendation 

While Blue up does contain some effective ingredients, we have no way of knowing just how much of each ingredient is in the mix, and therefore just how effective it could be.. We do have another reservation, and it surrounds Yohimbe.. this has been linked in the past to some heart related side effects, these may be uncommon, but nevertheless, the chances of problems are still there.

We strongly suggest that you look elsewhere…

Top Rated Product

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