BPS Endosurge Review

BPS Endosurge Review

Can BPS Endosurge Really Improve Sex Drive?

As you go about looking for a way to boost your testosterone levels, apart from trying to eat sensibly, take exercise and get plenty of rest, you have no doubt considered using a natural testosterone booster

A good T booster will help reverse the effects of low testosterone, improving not EndoSurge_Rendering_300dpijust your sex drive, but also boosting muscle tone, strength and even the quality of your sleep

This said, not all products are created equal.

Let’s take some time to walk you through what BPS Endosurge is all about as you may come across this product and begin to consider it.

About BPS Endosurge 

This product serves to not only improve your testosterone levels, but the product claims that it will provide dual benefits and also help to enhance the release of growth hormone, another powerful muscle building hormone in the body.

If you can successfully optimize both of these hormones, it does make sense that you would see greater success rates.

In addition to improving muscle tone and sex drive, the increase in growth hormone would also stand to boost the level of sleep quality you get.

endosurge-ingredientsSleep is also the primary time when growth hormone is released, so the two go hand in hand.

The Ingredient Listing 

This product is a very simplistic product, containing a mere four ingredients:

  • Maca 
  • Mucana
  • Vitamin D3
  • Stinging Nettle Root Extract


  • Can help to elevate natural testosterone and growth hormone
  • May increase libido levels
  • Can increase muscle tone and strength


  • You must cycle this product (8 weeks on, 4 weeks off), which can cause some people to experience repeated problems with their testosterone levels dropping again
  • This product lack some of the key ingredients that have been well documented to boost testosterone levels

Our Verdict 

All in all, this product does contain four good ingredients and the fact that the thumbs_down_-_Google_Searchcompany does list the ingredients in their full dosages is a plus. Most companies will hide their formula behind the words ‘proprietary blend’, which means they really don’t want to tell you whats in their formula..

This product should not cause too many side effects given it contains only 4 all natural ingredients, so for those who are who tend to have sensitive systems, it may be appealing.

But, at the end of the day, you also cannot neglect the fact that while the ingredient line-up is quite simplistic, it’s lacking overall.

There are other more powerful products on the market that simply contain a greater number of high quality ingredients that exert stronger testosterone enhancing effects, so you may want to consider otherwise.

This product should help some men, but if you want the best results for your money, you should keep looking. Seek out a product that contains some proven T-boosting ingredients including Fenugreek, Magnesium, Vitamin B6, Zinc, and D-aspartic acid.

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