What Is Viagra

Viagra Explained

Viagra is one of the most famous anti impotence drugs in the world, made by Pfizer it contains an ingredient known as Sildenafile Citrate that helps to treat cases of erectile dysfunction.

In simple terms it works by relaxing the blood vessels in the penis, allowing a viagra-lgreater flow of blood into the penis to produce an erection as the man experiences sexual stimulation.

It has been reported that taking Viagra will help users enjoy increased libido, better performance and faster recovery between ejaculations.

How Does Viagra Work

It helps men with erection problems to respond to stimulation, it helps to relax and dilate the blood vessels and soft tissues in the penis to allow a greater amount of blood to flow in and generate a powerful erection.

Taking Viagra

Viagra is designed to be used on demand, it takes about an hour to get to work and the effect can last for anything between 1 and 4 hours.

In the form of a little blue tablet, Viagra should only be taken orally once in any 24 hr period.

Advisory Precautions

v_2077827bThere are sources on line that sell Viagra, but this should be avoided…. In many countries Viagra is only legally available after a doctors examination and generally on prescription only, although it can be highly effective, Viagra and similar drugs can and do cause some side effects that can in extreme cases be life threatening if used without medical approval and guidance.

Side Effects resulting from taking Viagra can range from headaches and stomach upset through to tinnitus, anxiety, blue vision ( where almost everything looks blue), sensitivity to light, swellings ( similar to reactions to a bee sting) and in severe cases, heart arrhythmia and even strokes.

Natural Alternatives To Viagra

There are some proven natural compounds that provide similar results to Viagra, by boosting blood flow to the penis they help to improve sexual 328d266d6db241f9bbc2e415ab2eac6dresponse, erection quality and performance.

As they are naturally formulated with proven herbal extracts, they are generally available on demand without prescription or that dreaded doctors consultation.

We have reviewed many of the more popular and effective products and from our research have complied our own kist of those that we feel make up the top three natural libido boosters available today.

Our ratings have been determined after taking into account:

  • Ingredients/Formulation
  • Users Feedback
  • Reported Side Effects
  • Guarantees
  • Availability and Price

Top Rated Natural Libido Boosters


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