Causes Of Erection Problems

Erectile Dysfunction Explained

Erectile dysfunction is (in broad terms) the inability to achieve or maintain an erection of sufficient strength or longevity to enable sexual intercourse.

There are many causes for this problem, but whatever the cause, the end man-with-erection-problem-2-300x244results are the same,

The penis is full of spongy tissue known as the Corpora Cavernosa, as a man gets sexually aroused, the brain sends a supply of blood to the genital area. As the blood flows into the soft tissue, it swells and expands causing the penis to become erect. The blood is then held within the penis by a membrane known as the Tunica Albuginea which holds the blood within the penis until after ejaculation.

When the blood flow is reduced or disrupted for any number of reasons, the penis fails to become or remain erect. This is official diagnosed as Erectile Dysfunction

Official figures tell us that at least 22% of all men aged 40 and over will experience occasional bouts of ED, this rises to 49% once they reach 60 years old.

Causes Of Erection Difficulties

Of course, age does not play the only part, there are of course many other causes:

In younger men, usually considered to be at their sexual peak, nerves and/or anxiety can also play their part, this can often be associated when too much alcohol has been consumed, or when they are taking a new partner to bed for the first time.

As we get older, there are other health condition that can cause the failure to achieve erections

These can include, blood pressure or other vascular problems, diabetes and reduced testosterone levels.

Blood Flow Is Crucial To Erection Quality – The Stronger the blood flow, the Better the erection..

Treating Erectile Dysfunction

If you go to your doctor, they will first carry out an examination and discuss the problems with you.

14971464-pills-and-magnifying-glass-search-proper-medicine1-300x200If they feel that the problem requires treatment, they will more than likely prescribe Viagra, this is without doubt the most famous drug based treatment for erection difficulties, a vasodilator that helps to open and relax the blood vessels to allow a greater supply of blood to flow into the penis.

Viagra was originally developed to help treat sufferers of angina, a heart problem caused by narrowing of veins and arteries in the heart, its beneficial effects on erection problems was quickly identified and today it is believed that 8 tablets are prescribed every minute of every day across the world.

As a drug based treatment, Viagra is generally considered to be effective, but it has also been linked with some quite unpleasant side effects, some potentially life threatening. and for these reasons, it is recommended that Viagra should not be used without the guidance and recommendation of a doctor.

Side Effects Of Viagra Can Include

  • Mild Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Tinnitus
  • Vision Problems
  • Irregular Heart Rate
  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke

Viagra can also take up to an hour to take effect, this can spoil the spontaneity of sexual encounters.

Natural Alternatives To Viagra

In younger men, (under 35) it is often reduced blood flow that causes the jamesproblem, this can be rectified by the use of a good natural libido booster that generally provide the same effects of Viagra but without the side effects associated with the prescription drug – another plus point is that these are generally available without prescription and the embarrassment of a doctors examination and consultation.

As we get older (35 upwards) the cause can commonly be linked to low testosterone levels, this has a noticeable effect on sex drive, muscle tone, and strength.

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